Our business is family owned and operated. What makes our plants stand out is that we maintain the plants ourselves by keeping them healthy, clean of insects and diseases, and we also trim them, my father was a professional barber. When the plants are ordered, we like to ship them all out with the same size and shape because we are very picky about what we sell. If you have the time, we would like you to visit us and see the plants for yourself.

When our plants become mature and is ready to sell, they tend to sell out quickly. If we don't have what you are looking for, we can help you find it at other local nurseries, we are all interconnected in the area.


Plant Type Plant Name   Price List  
    4" Tray 1 Gallon 3 Gallon
  August Beauty Gardenia     $4.50
  Barberry Crimson Pigmey     $4.00
  Barberry Rose Glow     $4.00
  Carissa Holly     $4.00
  Cleyera Japonica     $4.00
  Compacta Holly     $4.00
  Elaeagnus     $4.00
  Frostproof Gardenia     $4.50
  Golden Abelia     $4.50
  Japanese Boxwood     $4.50
  Ligustrum Wax Leaf     $4.00
  Loropetalum     $4.50
  Nandina Fire Power     $4.50
  Needlepoint Holly     $4.00
  Pittosporum Variegated     $4.50
  Wintergreen Boxwood     $4.50
  Yaupon Dwarf Holly     $4.00
  Asian Jasmine   $1.25  
  Variegated Liriope   $1.25  
  Andorra     $4.00
  Blue Pacific     $4.00
  ShiShi Gashira Camellia     $7.00
  White Spirea     $4.50
  Pink Spirea     $4.50
  Dwarf Gardenia     $4.00
  Prices are based on customer pick-up only. We also ship locally. (15 miles radius)
  * Price per cup in a nursery tray. 18 cups per tray.


Give us a call for information on more products, pricing, and availability.